The Flask Walk Association was formed in 1974 to represent the interests of residents of Back Lane, Boades Mews, Flask Walk, Gardnor Road, Lakis Close, Lutton Terrace, Mansfield Place, Murray Terrace, New Court and Streatley Place.

The Constitution of the Association lists our objectives as:
  1. to protect the interests of all residents provided that such action shall not be adverse to the interests of any other resident;

  2. to advise and represent residents collectively or individually in the furtherance of their interests;

  3. to maintain, defend and improve the amenities and public services of the neighbourhood;

  4. to do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of these objects.
Members elect a committee at the AGM. The committee meets every eight weeks - and more frequently if necessary - to determine best how to meet the Association's objectives. Among other things, we liaise with our local Councillors, with Camden on issues of street maintenance and cleanliness, and with police working groups over public safety; we seek residents' views on licensing issues and represent these views at public forums; we review and, if appropriate, make representations on new planning applications; we undertake and publish research into the history of our area; and we hold periodic parties and other social events.

We publish a newsletter four times a year, the Flask Walker. Copies are distributed to every home in our area.
office holders:
Currenty, the Chair position rotates among committee members every two months. Chair
Marianne Colloms Secretary
Simon Marshall Treasurer

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