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Good Memories; Flask Walk 1950's

My family lived at #43 Flask Walk from 1950 until 1956 or 57.

I remember Mr Cooper at the green grocers, Ted at the butcher shop, and the "furniture shop man" (an antique dealer) who used to make a bed for my doll in a chest of drawers and "babysit" while my mother and I went shopping.

My grandfather was an Anglican priest, the Rev. Charles Ross, who was serving as a chaplain at New End Hospital, and I used to go on visits with him, both in hospital and in people's homes.

I remember Coronation Day and the whole street decked out in bunting, and my friend and I dressed up as little Dutch girls in red/white/blue... I've no idea what my mother was thinking.

Our neighbors on one side were part of the Pearly Kings and Queens - Mr and Mrs Smith, and they were all dressed up in their finery.

I went to school at Christchurch primary and we were taken to the Heath for afternoon naps.

Good memories.

Sharon Swanson


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Hopscotch in Flask Walk

Mrs. L. J. Ward

'This is a photo of me used in a Bovril advert in 1935/36 when I was about 11 or 12. At the same time, I did other ads, including for Jaeger and Odol mouthwash.

Once, after playing hopscotch with friends in Flask Walk, Hampstead, I was followed home by a man who asked my mother if she would let me be taken to the studios for "photoshoots", for which we would be paid the princely sum of 21s (one guinea) per shoot.

This was big money for us, and Mother eventually agreed. Some days later, I was collected by a lady known to us as Mrs Copley, seemingly of Copley Wools, and taken initially to studios at Belsize Park, and to the Strand on subsequent occasions.

It was a magical time for me, because following hairdos and being dressed up I would be taken to a Lyons Corner House for ice cream before being taken home.

Even better was the thrill of running to the newsagent's to collect copies of the ads to pass on to all and sundry, especially at school in order to sustain my "celebrity status". Sad to say, like all good things, it ended all too soon.'

Mrs L.J. Ward
Abergele, Conwy

Reproduced by kind permission of the Daily Mail

Reminiscences by John Price of Flask Walk in the 1920s, by Dennis Cooper of the grocer's shop at No. 48, by Piers Plowright of his visit to the Baths, and others can be found in Flask Walk N.W.3 (the book).

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